Air Traffic Controllers

Jun 15

Since the invention of air travel, this technology has become widespread and now connects the globe. While this form of travel is innovative and exciting, it also comes with increased risk. Airplanes are complex vehicles and it takes a highly trained group of individuals to safely navigate an aircraft from its departure to its destination. Among this team are individuals known as air traffic controllers. Louisville personal injury lawyers will probably tell you that air traffic controllers are “trusted with the responsibility of overseeing and maintaining the flight plans that fall within their airspace, and expected to make split-second decisions to prevent accidents should a potential incident ever arise.” This is an extremely challenging position which requires proper training and constant vigilance. Should and air traffic controllers fail to make the correct judgement calls, the results can be catastrophic for passengers of multiple aircrafts. Common aircraft controller errors include: misreading the radar, allowing too many planes onto the runway, and flying aircrafts in too close of proximity.

There are two different types of air traffic controllers- military and civilian. In some nations, military air traffic controllers regulate all air traffic, even that of domestic airlines. In other nations, military aircraft controllers regulate only military aircraft travel, while civilian aircraft controllers regulate all other types of air travel.

Air traffic controllers face a huge responsibility and must be held accountable for any lapse in judgment which could have devastating results. If you or someone you know has been affected by an air travel accident due to the error of an air traffic controller, you may be entitled to certain damages. It is important to know what precautions are expected of local air traffic controllers.

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